Auto Mazar

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AutoMazar has been a stunning addition to Dutch Passion’s seed catalogue.  This extreme-performance AutoFem takes just 10 weeks from seed to a finished female plant.  She uses the very best original Mazar genetics taken from Dutch Passions multiple prize-winning Afghani Indica.

2011 saw numerous reports of 150-200+ gram yields from AutoMazar both indoors and outdoors.  It also saw a magnificent world record 350 gram harvest done indoors under a 300W LED light by Seymour Buds.

AutoMazar has quickly become a best-seller, more popular even than some long established traditional varieties.  She produces generous quantities of resinous and very potent marijuana which has been praised for the great flavours and aromas.  If you can really optimise your growing conditions then AutoMazar will repay you with yields that you never thought possible.

Automazar’s reputation has spread quickly and today many find she is both faster and more productive than growing traditional varieties from cuttings. She is a tough and fast growing plant and has been popular for greenhouse growers, outdoor growers and indoor gardeners.  She likes as much light as she can get and returns the favour with truly explosive bud production on a scale which many growers have never seen before.

Plants will typically be around a metre or less but occasionally, and with the right conditions, she will reach 1.5+ metres and really yield heavily with bud all the way up her branches.

Here are a few photo’s of the 2011 world-record grow from Seymour Buds. You can read the full grow diary on the highly rated AutoFlower Network. This grow was done in a deep water culture hydro system using a high-output 60litre/min air bubbler and RhizoTonic Root stimulator from the start.  This plant took a full 100 days before she was ready to crop, this is 30 days longer than usual but there were no complaints from the grower.  She is an easy plant to look after and would be ideal in an indoor SCROG environment due to the rampant levels of bud production.  Outdoors or in a greenhouse just give her good growing conditions and as much light as possible.

We can’t speak highly enough of this strain, she has developed a cult following of growers who love her as much as we do.  This is an absolute beauty.  The weed she produces is top quality and we know you will love growing her.

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